Performance marketing

A way to accurately evaluate the impact of your marketing endeavors

Performance marketing gives you incredible means of accurately evaluating the impact of your marketing endeavors and reducing their cost at the same time. Our actions will elicit the desired response from Internet users, and instead of paying for the actions of all random users, you will only be charged for the actions of Your potential clients.

Online Marketing Performance Management is the best answer to all your needs regarding the implementation of advertising projects – it’s a one stop shop offering a wide range of products: the Affiliate Program will allow you to observe the first anticipated results of your actions already at the initiation stage – cooperation with hundreds of thematic websites gives us vast capabilities in this field. We offer promotion for your product and interaction with Internet users through Product Pages – special thematic webpages whose content is geared towards increasing the effectiveness of particular campaigns (the websites contain, among other things, industry comparisons, information on market development, etc.). We base our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts on the currently most-searched and converting keywords. As part of our services, we offer both PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We also perform comprehensive optimizations of the Client’s website (Landing Page Optimization) and conversion (of clicks, leads, sales) boosts. We collect statistical data from analyses of the Client’s web traffic and use them to further optimize their operations.

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